The world is filled with different industries focusing on commerce and production. Roof Basket Works is no different when it comes to trying to make it as a business. However, it is our motivations and priorities that we believe set us apart. Over time, we’ve become the largest wooden basket manufacturer in the southeast, but we’ve done this without losing sight of where we come from and who we deal with. Our family, both owners and workers, strive to bring the best possible quality baskets available to our customers at a cost that anyone can afford.

But that isn’t the end of it. We are proud to be a source of income for dozens and dozens of workers, a necessity all the more important given our economy. We understand that Roof Basket Works is a large part of the community; therefore, it is our responsibility to support them as much as they have supported us, not simply through our economy, but the environment.

We’re dedicated to using every resource we have to ensure that any and all pollution is kept to a bare minimum, which is a fraction of most industries, recycling is incorporated on every level, and that our energy expenditures are the lowest possible. After all, we’re all in this together.

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