About Us

What was started by Harold and Elsie Roof in March of 1946 as a small manufacturing company producing hand woven baskets for fruit and vegetable harvesting has grown into an enterprise with sales reaching world wide.

Roof Basket Works has a complete line of handmade baskets with many of them used today by the agricultural market, crafts, Home interior decorating, floral arranging, and gift baskets. Roof Basket Works currently has over 150 different baskets, picnic baskets, and crates to choose from. Each is available in 15 different colors.

Our modern facility begins the process with raw poplar wood obtained from local timber harvesters. From there it is veneered into thin strips of wood and hand crafted into a finished basket. The excess wood is then turned into mulch, to be distributed throughout our state to be used for boiler fuel and gardening.