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Item Name: 09910 Volume 9 Selling to Brides and Conference Planners
Category: Videos & DVDs
Item Number: 09910
Price: $55.00
Do you know how much money there is to be made by marketing to brides and conference planners? You haven't even begun to tap into your income potencial until you provide these markets with your products! See the kinds of gifts brides and event planners need. And, learn how to be their preferred vendor. Brides and event planners can keep you busy with mega orders year round once you know what they want. Get a list of the best vendors who can help you sell to brides and conference planners.

See Best Selling: *Party favors
* Room amenities
* Attendants gifts
* Stand alone gifts
* Bridal keepsakes
* Day After parent gifts
* Centerpieces

Learn How To:

*Innovatively market to brides
* Make sales at bridal fairs & networking events
* Work with event planners
* Create atmosphere and memories
* Sell to conference planners
* Add personal touches to gifts



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