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Item Name: 09909 Volume 8 The Business Of Baskets
Category: Videos & DVDs
Item Number: 09909
Price: $55.00
If you are starting a gift basket business or want to grow your business to the next level you need this video! Avoid the pitfalls that cost valuable time and money. Concise and powerful information designed to help you succeed is shared in this two hour video. If you started your business without this knowledge, you jumped the gun!

Learn how to:
*Find and Keep help
* How to pay helpers
* Establish pay scales for sales reps
* How to find sales reps
* Set up your workroom
* How to price gift baskets for profit
* Track expiration dates
* Package for shipping
* How to track your sales
* Setting up your gift basket business workroom
* Organizing your gift basket business office
* Manage your time, and more!



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