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Item Name: 09906 Volume 5 Dazzling Gift Basket Wrapping Techniques
Category: Videos & DVDs
Item Number: 09906
Price: $55.00
When clients want more, bigger, better, you don't always have to give more product. DAZZLE them with priceless artistic expression. Learn design techniques that will amaze your clients. When they say 'What's new this year?' you will be able to strut your stuff! Your designs will stand out from the rest so you can be recognized as 'The Best'. Try these new ideas.

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Learn the techniques that Mary Ann used in all of her award winning gift basket competition pieces.

*Brilliantly enhance plain baskets.
* Offer flamboyant innovative styles.
* Create memories with your designs.
* Combine containers for added interest.
* Stabilize products without picks.
* Impressive presentations
* High profit margins.
* Photo tips for gift baskets



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