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Item Name: 09905 Volume 4 Successful Gift Basket Sales Presentations
Category: Videos & DVDs
Item Number: 09905
Price: $55.00
Is your gift basket business earning six digits a year yet? It's possible, even if you work from home. Learn how people make buying decisions. Determine their needs. Become who they want to buy from. Learn to emphasis the benefits of your products. Get into your selling comfort zone. See basket designs that nationally known companies buy, and learn how Mary Ann got their business. Then, mimic her techniques and prosper!

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Fifteen years of sales experience comprise this two hour masterpiece of information..
*Listen for client's key words
* Identify your prospect's needs
* Locate the decision-maker
* Get appointments
* Prepare for an appointment
* Design effective portfolios
* Prepare prototype baskets
* Close a sale
* Follow up
* Keep clients for years



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