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Item Name: 09903 Volume 2 Gift Basket Marketing $tategies
Category: Videos & DVDs
Item Number: 09903
Price: $55.00
Are you interested in getting media attention? Do you want to convert prospects into a clients? Do you want to hear about inexpensive marketing that works every time? If your answers are yes, you will love this video. Mary Ann received the highly acclaimed Gift Basket Marketing Award by the gift basket industry. She was highlighted in the book, 'The Best Homebased Business of the 90s,' and has appeared on local television programs throughout the years sharing her marketing tips. BONUS Vendor Discounts & Resource List with purchase

Marketing is not a four letter word! It can be fun, affordable and profitable.

*See dozens of best selling corporate designs
* Fun and Easy Marketing Ideas
* Creative Target Marketing
* Acquiring Accounts
* Effective Print Advertising
* Inexpensive Customizing
* Themed Product Selections
* Super Sales Presentations
* Best Selling Corporate designs
* Telemarketing



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